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#018 - Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry) - THE queen of community building

Maker of Habit
Today's Maker: Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry) - THE queen of community building
  • Just last week quit her job at Orbit to go full-time on indiemaking 🎉
Rosie Sherry
Today is my birthday and community manager appreciation day.

My gift to myself was quitting my job to go full time on my own projects.
  • Bootstrapped Ministry of Testing to 25,000+ community members and 7 figures in revenue
  • Started the Indiependent Community- a community for indie founders where you get kicked out for inactivity
  • Runs Rosieland community and newsletter
  • Doing 100 days of Twitter Spaces (seriously, it seems she is always in some sort of space)
  • Previously led community at IndieHackers and Orbit
  • Built audience of 21.2k on Twitter
If you’re on Twitter and you’ve had any interest in building communities, chances are you recognize this face. Rosie has established herself as the go-to person on community for indie founders and startups and for good reason. After building a successful 7-figure community from scratch and leading community at IndieHackers and Orbit, Rosie has a nuanced expertise on what it takes to build a successful community. And in a world with a lot of noise on the topic, her perspective is the one you need.
And the great news is–she’s constantly sharing it and giving it away for free. This woman is seemingly always in a Twitter space and constantly connecting with people and helping them with their community questions. I got to experience her expertise first hand when she came to talk to my Build Your Squad cohort. You can take a peek at my notes from the talk and get an idea of just how much valuable info and frameworks she dished out in 30 short minutes.
So, what habits has enabled Rosie to build this brand of community expertise and grow an audience of over 20k? 👇
3 Habits that changed Rosie’s trajectory:
  • 🐣 Showing up on Twitter everyday - Twitter is great because it has low barriers to entry. It’s far from perfect, but it has really changed my life. Come to Twitter to find likeminded people, help them, converse with them, and slowly build your network. Your future self will thank you.
  • 🗞 Start a weekly newsletter - Not for the subscribers, but for yourself. To create a habit of showing up 1x a week, or 1x a month. The trick is to start something on what you want to be known for. I did this to become known in the software testing world. I repeated the same thing to become known in the community world. Most people can’t stick to the habit, if you can, you are in the top 1%.
  • 🌶 Do your research (and start sharing your spicy opinions) - I use to think that I could bring nothing new to the community world. I’ve proven myself wrong on this. It’s hard to know if you can bring change without understanding the landscape. There is the opportunity for change everywhere. Look for it. Be inspired by it. And most important of all, have the right intentions behind what you want to achieve.
We’re not sure where exactly this new indiemaking journey will lead Rosie. But I’m pretty sure it will involve one thing: community.
Thanks for sharing with us, Rosie! It’s amazing to watch and learn as you build and grow communities by example.
Follow Rosie on Twitter here 👉 @rosiesherry
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