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#015 - Kevon Cheung (@MeetKevon) - $0 to $10k as a full-time creator



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Maker of Habit
Today's Maker: Kevon Cheung (@MeetKevon) - $0 to $10k as a full-time creator
  • Left his job as CEO of a VC-backed startup in Nov 2020 to set out on an indiemaking journey
  • Went from $0 to $10k in revenue in 2021
  • Grew his Twitter from 460 to 7.6k and his email subscribers from 27 to 1.4k in one year
  • Is passionate about Building in Public and helping others
  • Content, content, content. This guy prints out quality content like nobody’s business. Courses, Youtube Videos, Blogs, Newsletters, Everything. Is he a robot? I’m not sure. 😂
Okay wow. Kevon is a content MACHINE. Seriously, I feel like every time I go to Kevon’s Twitter he has a new resource, course, product, or community that he’s launching or growing. And the amazing thing? They are all super high quality. Here are just a few of the amazing resources Kevon has developed over the past year to help people leverage Twitter and #buildinpublic:
On top of creating all that valuable content, Kevon became a dad last year. Talk about #MakerGoals and #ParentGoals!
Kevon has found his niche and he’s off to the races. And although he’s running a business and trying to grow his revenue, it’s clear Kevon is genuinely passionate about helping people first and foremost. When it comes to topics like #BuildInPublic, Kevon has put in the work to really understand what it is and how it works on a deeper level, making him a great teacher and mentor for all of us still trying to figure it out.
Kevon’s first year as an indiemaker has clearly been a success. What sorts of habits enable this amazing output? Kevon shared his top 3 habits with me👇
3 Habits that changed Kevon’s trajectory:
  • 🐥 Accumulate raw materials - As a creator who advocates for Build in Public, I share a ton of behind-the-scenes. Often, it is very hard to sit down, reflect, and write something valuable. My trick is to take loads of pictures and screenshots about my journey. They become snapshots of my roller coaster ride and make it easy for me to share the key lessons.
  • 📓 Make new friends every week - Many people seem to believe that the Internet is a magical place that you can make money easily. I don’t believe it. At the end of the day, it is about being helpful to other people. In real life, people enjoy working with friends more, and why would it be different online? So I make sure I keep making new friends and be as helpful as possible without expecting anything in return.
  • 🧐 Write monthly income report - I’ve been sharing my creator journey transparently via sharing my numbers and key lessons each month. These reports are helpful for 2 things: 1) for myself, I get to reflect deeply what goes well and not so well. This helps me zoom out, review, and adjust how to keep moving forward. 2) for others, these reports serve as inspirations for them to reflect upon their own journey and reduce the deadends they encounter. The trust these reports build between me and my audience is super valuable.
Who knew making new friends could translate to tangible business outcomes? I’m all for it.
Make sure to follow Kevon on Twitter to take advantage of all of the awesome resources he’s constantly sharing 👉 @MeetKevon
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Kyleigh from Maker of Habit
Kyleigh from Maker of Habit @bagelsangranola

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