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#014 - Aprilynne Alter (@AprilynneA) - From indiemaker to content creator making $100/day on Youtube



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Maker of Habit
Today's Maker: Aprilynne Alter (@AprilynneA) - From indiemaker to content creator making $100/day on Youtube
  • Built and launched Tenderfoot and made her first $ on the internet in June 2021
  • Is now a full-time content creator making $100/day on her new Youtube channel 😱
  • Openly shares her revenue from her content creation efforts
  • Whether its Twitch, Youtube, or NFTs, Aprilynne is always trying new things and sharing her thinking, process and learnings along the way
  • Check out her first Twitch stream from yesterday!
Aprilynne’s Twitter is a gold mine. Every time I scroll through her timeline, I see that she’s exploring some new territory or topic. Just recently when I took a visit, I saw that she’s starting a Twitch channel (on top of the already successful Twitter/Instagram/Youtube accounts she’s running). In true Aprilynne fashion, she walks us through her thinking and decision making. She hints at questions she has that she’ll undoubtedly answer for us once she figures it out. And she inspires us that we might be able to try it too. My favorite part of Aprilynne’s #buildinpublic journey is that she is real-time documenting her struggle with figuring out and defining her niche. It shows us that it’s not easy, it takes trial and error, and there is a lot of questioning and doubt involved. It can be disheartening to see successful Twitter creators and indiemakers who have found their perfect niche already while we are confused and still trying to figure it out. Aprilynne’s journey is breath of fresh air. We’re not the only ones!
This year was a big year for Aprilynne. She went from $0 in revenue to almost $5k in revenue in December alone. What did she change in 2021 that propelled this success? Wouldn’t you like to know!?👇
3 Habits that changed Aprilynne‘s trajectory:
  • 🐥 Tweeting each day - Twitter is the single greatest asset to me in 2022. I started taking Twitter seriously back in March 2021 and resolved to tweet something every day. I aimed for each tweet to provide value or insight. Over time, I became a better tweeter and tweets started to open doors to incredibly valuable connections. Now I have a full community of people I can rely on. Tweeting is a high-leverage activity (not that much effort put in for the value you get out of it).
  • 📓 Journaling - Fantastic way to unload. Also great for figuring things out. I can often write myself a solution that I can’t come up with otherwise. It’s also a nice way to just be present. Being a full-time creator can be incredible overwhelming, and it’s difficult to set boundaries. When I’m writing, I’m not looking at or answering messages, which is very important to me.
  • 🧐 Intentional Content Consumption - It’s tough to be a good content creator if you’re not a good content consumer. Instead of passively scrolling on Twitter or falling into a hole on YouTube, I set aside time to be intentional about my content consumption. I’ll analyze the content I consume for ideas. I look at the writing style, or the video editing, or the lighting, or the storytelling. The more intentional my content consumption, the better my content creation.
Well if you were looking for the keys to success, I think we found them: Consistency, Reflection, Intention. They may not be rocket-science, but if you follow Aprilynne’s journey, it’s clear they work.
Check out Aprilynne’s gold mine of a Twitter here 👉 @AprilynneA or check out her first Twitch stream!
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