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#013 - Olu Adedeji (@oluadedej) - Your second startup is about marketing + community

Maker of Habit
Today's Maker: Olu Adedeji (@oluadedej) - Your second startup is about marketing + community
  • Launched Prelo in Aug ‘21, which just reached 600 users and is growing in revenue (recently made $2k in Nov)
  • Turns his lessons learned into insightful advice for other entrepreneurs
  • Shares this advice + #buildinpublic content on Twitter
Olu shares the kind of advice that I wish I would have read years ago. If you want to shorten your maker learning curve, take a scroll through Olu’s Twitter and learn the lessons he learned that hard way like 1) the importance of balancing working on product and marketing 2) how to focus on solving one core problem vs building small features for everyone and 3) how valuable 1-1 conversations with people in your target market are for growing your business. He’s applying all of these lessons to his second startup, Prelo, and it looks like it’s all compounding into some awesome growth. I’m excited to keep following his journey and learn with him along the way.
What does Olu do behind the scenes that powers his startup journey? How does he consistently tweet so much helpful advice? Well, these 3 habits might have something to do with it👇
3 Habits that changed Olu’s trajectory:
  • ✍️ Logging my progress - It’s a simple but effective way to track progress, and it allows me to determine if the progress logged aligns with my strategic goals
  • 📣 Sharing daily, weekly and monthly updates with my network - Sharing in public allows me to be accountable, it’s also an opportunity to build trust with my audience and potential customers
  • 🧑‍💻 Meeting at least 3 new makers every week - Our product is designed to help bootstrappers and solopreneurs get to 1st customers so meeting and helping more founders work on strategy is a good way to stay relevant
It’s clear now how Olu writes and shares so much helpful content. By sharing updates and meeting with makers on a regular cadence, Olu has his finger on the pulse of not only his own work, but his community’s needs as well.
Follow Olu on Twitter to learn entrepreneurial lessons the easy way + follow his progress on Prelo 👉 @oluadedej
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