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#012 - Lean Zubrezki (@LeanZubrezki) - Exploring Notion API, web3 apps + growing to $600 MRR

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Today's Maker: Lean Zubrezki (@LeanZubrezki) - Exploring Notion API, web3 apps+ growing to $600 MRR
When Notion launched its public API this year, Lean was one of the first people to jump in and start building with it. The product of that work was Notion2Sheets, which recently launched on Product Hunt and is seeing some great early traction. Lean is also one of the few makers I’ve seen dive head first into learning how to build web3 products. While I see a lot of people on Twitter discussing use cases or NFT’s, Lean is out there taking courses and actually building web3 products. It’s clear Lean likes to be at the forefront of new technologies, and I love his “learn-by-doing” mentality. I’m positive we’re going to be seeing more and more of this maker as he continues to learn and push his skillset and tech-stack.
How does he make time in his day and space in his brain for all this learning? Might have something to do with these 3 habits👇
3 Habits that changed Lean’s trajectory:
  • ☀️ Plan for the day - I wake up at around 7am and one of the first things I do, apart from washing my teeth, is to plan for the day. I take a look at my TickTick list of things to do, which usually includes appointments, courses I am currently taking, house stuff like groceries and then the roadmap of Notion2Sheets and other side projects I am currently working on. Then I take a piece of paper and write the schedule, trying to create blocks of 2 hours for deep focus work and using small time gaps for reading or walking. Then review it at the end of the day.
  • 🚶 Exercise and go for walks - I have played football my entire life with some swimming in between and calisthenics the last 3 years and now back to swimming. I can’t explain how important it is to exercise. Find the activity that clears your mind, where you can be 1 hour doing it and forget about side projects, MMR, content or anything else. Once that hour is finished you will feel energized, creative and ready to tackle any problem. Walks do great but for thinking, when I feel my mind will explode I go and take a walk to process all those thoughts, even taking notes in my phone while walking until I feel calm and my mind relaxed.
  • 📈 Double down on what works - Usually when kids have problems in math or any other subject, parents send them to a professor outside school so they can improve (at least in Argentina). We tend to try fixing what doesn’t work wasting precious time. Don’t do that. Double down on what works and forget about what doesn’t and keep always in mind opportunity costs and optionality.
It seems Lean has a perfect mix of structure + space built into his day. And I can second the whole “go for a walk thing”. It really does wonders.
Follow Lean on Twitter to learn more about the Notion API, growing your business, or building web3 apps 👉 @LeanZubrezki
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