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#011 - Noah Bragg (@noahwbragg) - Growing Potion to $5k MRR

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Today's Maker: Noah Bragg (@noahwbragg) - Growing Potion to $5k MRR
Potion isn’t Noah’s first rodeo. This is his 3rd product since 2018 and it’s clear he is applying his learnings from his previous experiences. After starting CoffeePass, he realized the business model was too risky for just him and his partner because it required too much scale. So Noah pivoted to working on smaller, microSaaS products that were much less risky. He even wrote about this idea of going after “side-dishes” on Product Hunt that got much attention. Well, the side-dish strategy seems to be working for Noah! He successfully sold his first microSaaS product, Supportman, and is currently all-in on Potion, working towards reaching $5k MRR by the end of the year. With just a couple weeks left, will he make it? I’m not sure, but I do know he’s got some awesome habits that make it a real possibility. 👇
3 Habits that changed Noah’s trajectory:
  • ☀️ Work on my biz before everything else - The morning are my best hours in the day when my brain is firing at all cylinders. I get way more done! I use this time to work on my business and most important things then work on my day job afterwards.
  • 📣 Build in public - I have met so many great makers and gotten tons of help by doing this. The maker community online is a great one to learn from and this is the best way to participate. You become who you hang around with.
  • 😊 Build for enjoyment - One of the key things to making a biz work is persistence. The way I keep going is by working on things I enjoy doing. I chose an idea where I really enjoy building and enjoy the customers.
Noah’s habits inspire some simple reflection: When is your brain firing on all cylinders? Do you love what you’re working on? Are you sharing your progress along the way?
And if you need some inspiration, I highly recommend following Noah on Twitter 👉 @noahwbragg.
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You’ll be surprised what can follow when you develop the right habits!
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