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#009 - Michelle Marcelline - Taking a leap and working with a team towards #1 Product of the Month

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Today's Maker: Michelle Marcelline - Taking a leap and working with a team towards #1 Product of the Month
  • Building Typedream (YC W20), which was #1 Product of the MONTH on Product Hunt in July
  • Co-founded Cotter, which got #1 on Product Hunt in March 2021 and sold to Stytch earlier this month
  • Big believer in #BuildInPublic and #LearnInPublic, dropping valuable how-to’s and lessons learned on her Twitter
Three months after Michelle graduated from college (another UCLA Bruin!) she quit her day job to pursue her dream of building a start up. Fast forward a few years and you could say Michelle is on a ROLL. A Y-combinator alum with multiple #1’s on Product Hunt, and a successful exit? Yeah, she’s crushing it. But she doesn’t do it alone. Michelle partnered early on with her co-founder Kevin Chandra and has built small teams around her products to enable them to go after huge markets like authentication and website builders. It’s a testament to how far you can go with a team.
What habits does Michelle have that helped her find this early success? Let’s find out👇
3 Habits that changed Michelle’s trajectory:
  • 🪂 Take risks (especially when you’re young) - Your risk appetite decreases as you age; therefore, the best time to take a huge risk is when you are young and don’t have a lot to lose: no dependents, etc.
  • 🔁 Fail fast, fail cheap, fail often - Nobody knows how to be successful; however, you can keep trying and failing which subconsciously guides you to make fewer and fewer mistakes. We’ve made over 1000 mistakes and we’ll probably make 1000 more!
  • 📣 Pay it forward - The most efficient way to learn is to learn from other people’s successes or failures. There are the publicly available resources for you to learn from such as Y Combinator and Twitter’s #buildinpublic.
Consider this your sign to take that risk or try that idea you’ve been thinking about. On paying it forward–Michelle is constantly sharing detailed write-ups of things she’s learning along the way. You can learn from her most popular tweets on her website (built with Typedream, of course).
I also recommend following her on Twitter @michwirantono to make sure you catch her new stuff as well.
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