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#008 - Kenneth Cassel - From #5 on Product Hunt to YC

Maker of Habit
Today's Maker: Kenneth Cassel - From #5 on Product Hunt to YC
  • Built which was #5 Product of the Day earlier this year
  • Building SlipApp (YC S21) which is helping developers monetize their expertise (with some making over $10k in a week!)
  • Really takes care of his users and builds a community around his product
Kenneth is on one of those rocket trajectories. After his first product on Product Hunt got #5 of the day, he quickly followed with SlipApp which got accepted into Y Combinator. I love SlipApp’s clear value proposition, how he’s targeting on a core customer segment (developers) and how focused his company is on helping THEM generate revenue. On top of that, he’s building in public on Twitter which allows all of us to go on the ride with him.
How did Kenneth get on this rocket ship? It all starts with habits. Let’s find out👇
3 Habits that changed Kenneth’s trajectory:
  • 🛠 Building in public - I started sharing my work in public in October of 2020 and quickly started getting more traction than I had in the previous 3 years
  • 🤝 Being generally helpful to folks on Twitter - I’ve had some awesome outcomes from being nice to folks on twitter and helping them out with no expected return from them.
  • 🎨 Doubling down on design - Improving my eye for design and hiring a contract designer at Slip have been a huge unlock for the business
Well that’s another two points for building in public and being helpful on Twitter! Investing some resources in design seems to be a safe bet as well.
Follow Kenneth’s journey on Twitter @KennethCassel to keep up with this rocket ship maker!
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